Dr. Michael Sheppard

I'm a registered psychologist with a PhD whose training included concentration in correctional psychology. I've worked with provincial and federal correctional organizations and have done research in assessing offenders. My assessments are clear, jargon-free, and based on empirically validated risk measures.

I am happy to take on recidivism risk assessments for the defense or the Crown; I tailor my reports in such a way that individuals with different perspectives should draw the same conclusions from them.


I completed a pre-doctoral internship in 2007 from an accredited site (the Nova Scotia Capital Health Mental Health Pre-doctoral Internship in Clinical Psychology) and completed my PhD from an accredited Canadian university (the University of Saskatchewan) in 2010. I was a member of the forensic psychology lab and also the personality and health psychology lab at the University of Saskatchewan. I completed a post-doctoral fellowship at the DBT Centre of Vancouver in 2013. I currently work at the DBT Centre of Vancouver.

I have worked in correctional settings, including the Regional Psychiatric Centre in Saskatoon, SK; the East Coast Forensic Psychiatric Hospital in Dartmouth, NS; the Regional Reception and Assessment Centre in the Pacific region of the Correctional Service of Canada, at a pilot program addressing serious and persistent deliberate self-harm at the Regional Treatment Centre in the Pacific region of the Correctional Service of Canada, and at Vancouver Area Parole.

I have worked in health psychology settings such as the Clinical Health Psychology department at Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon, SK and the FIT for Active Living tertiary functional rehabilitation program at Saskatoon City Hospital in Saskatoon, SK.

I have presented theory and research at numerous conferences, including the Violence and Aggression Symposium in Saskatoon, SK; the Canadian Psychological Association's annual conference (numerous presentations since 2004); the North American Correctional and Criminal Justice Psychology Association; and the Pacific Forensic Psychiatry Conference. I have reviewed books about mindfulness, psychotherapy, personality, and forensic topics for the British Journal of Psychology.



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